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Muse koncert 2016 - Sziget Fesztivál

Helyszín: Budapest Budapest
Dátum: 2016. 08. 13. ( szombat )

Muse koncert 2016 - Sziget Fesztivál

Muse concert 13 Aug 2016  Budapest, Sziget Fesztivál (2.nap)

The only thing that will leave you in a wilder state of nail-biting anxiety after listening to Muse's 7th album, Drones, is talking to frontman Matt Bellamy himself about it. When explaining the ideas and inspirations that have birthed the band's first ever proper concept album, the main songwriter and conceptualist behind the Devon-born trio builds a sense of panic that sits well with the rationale of Drones, which they produced with Mutt Lange [AC/DC, The Cars, Def Leppard] and recorded in Vancouver. Drones is a concisely realised piece of science fiction, a theory narrated through super-charged rock riffs and an ambitious vision that, given Muse's modus operandi as The Greatest Live Band On Earth, will undoubtedly be accompanied in the future by some outrageously intelligent, fully sensory live experience. )

Jegyár (napijegy): 19900 Ft